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The air is like an infection. It spreads all over. Some days when I wake up I’m perfectly fine but once I’m out the door and the air touches my face I’m instantly in a different mood. Its like I just breathed someone’s bad energy in and now I’m not in a good mood. When I was at work Friday I told my coworker how beautiful she was but it was so loud inside she probably couldn’t hear me cause she only smiled. When I was getting ready to leave she came to me and told me she didn’t hear what I said but she felt my smile and it made her day.

The only thing I could think of was how I started feeling that day just releasing positive vibes all around and though it didn’t touch everybody it touched somebody. If you send out negative energy in the air it affects other people and same for positive energy. That’s why some days you feel like everyone around you is just in a bad mood for some reason but it may actually be you who’s sending out the negativity to those around you. You ever wake up in a good mood one day and for some reason that day just goes so well? Everybody’s having fun, enjoying each other’s company and just having a good time. Maybe it’s because you were the one sending out the positive energy.

I realize I can touch people without physically touching them and though it’s not physical they can still feel it. That’s enough for me to want to send out love and positivity to all.

What exactly makes sense? Like a week ago alex told me I didn’t make sense and I asked who makes it? Like really. Who came up with sense? Just because something doesn’t make since to you but makes since to someone else doesn’t mean they don’t make sense cause we really don’t know who makes it. What is sense?What does it look like? What does it sound like? What is it made of? I probably sound special but I really want to know.

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